Did Evolution Put God Out of a Job?

In many people’s minds, evolution tells us everything we need to know about the origins – so who needs God?

Not so fast! Besides the many problems with Darwin’s theory itself, there are several critical factors related to our existence that the theory doesn’t even address. Mark Mittleberg listed some of these in his book, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask. He call this the “Even If” approach, meaning even if Darwin had been right, his theory couldn’t have gotten off the ground without three essential preconditions – all of which point to intelligent design:

  1. The formation of the universe itself, which Darwin’s theory assumes but doesn’t account for. But how did it get here, and how do we account for this incredible life – friendly design?
  2. The origin of the first life – which, again, Darwin’s theory simply presupposes.In spite of his book’s title, The Origin of Species, Darwin doesn’t answer the question of where the original species came from.
  3. The encoding of information in the cell – which makes all organic life possible . This, of course, relates to the discussion of the amazingly complex information in DNA – a topic nobody in Darwin’s day knew about. (Specific post on DNA coming this week)

    Whatever begins to exist has a cause
    The Universe began to exist
    Therefore, the Universe had a Cause
    (Kalam Argument)

“Many people do not like the idea that time has a beginning , probably because it smacks of divine intervention”

–Stephen Hawking (World renowned Theoretical Physicist & out spoken Atheist)

The Big Bang Theory which we hold today as the beginning of the universe, does not contradict the intervention if a divine creator, it requires it!

The “Big Bang” Models

  • Steady State Model
    -Einstein’s Biggest Mistake
  • Hesitation Model
    -Refuted in the 1960’s
  • Oscillation Model
    -Refuted by entropy laws, lack of mass
  • Inflation Model
    -Requires anti-gravity forces never observed

Evolution in nature is not consistent with the notion of a creator, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.

The formation of the universe, the origin of the first life, the encoding information in the cell – these all point powerfully toward a Creator – one who’s job remains securely intact!


2 thoughts on “Did Evolution Put God Out of a Job?

  1. In fact big bang to me is when God said “let there be light & there was light” after HE created the heavens & the earth


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