You cannot reduce information to physics and chemistry. 

This argument was posed to a world renowned biochemist….

For the reductionist – take a paper menu – you can reduce through physics and chemistry the menu – the paper & ink those sorts of things but the marks on them, the semiotic language on the paper cannot be reduced.

Semiotics as a language cannot be explained from the bottom up and intelligence must be introduced to explain them. Just a few marks and you instantly argue upwards and postulate mind.

The human genome 3.7 billion letters in exactly the right order, in a 4 letter chemical alphabet – sophisticated because not the level of information are contained in the linear sequencing but in the folding and its relationship to the cell. We ask about its ultimate origin – chance of necessity – chance of the laws of nature. What’s the difference semiotics in both cases. we are not only containers of text we are producers of text. Great evidence that there is a transcendence beyond nature, the beginnings of super nature.